Since the registration started, we have received a lot of questions about The 2nd Beijing International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Young Pianists, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Is the competition divided into professional and amateur groups?

A: No it's not, the Beijing International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition is made for outstanding young pianists from all over the world, it's divided only by age, anyone who can complete the required tracks of the competition will be able to apply for the competition.

Q: Is there going to be any sub division?

A: The Beijing international Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Young Pianists use the exactly same rules and selection method as the International Chopin Piano Competition. The competition does not have any national (regional) division and the organizing committee has not authorized any organization or individual to Regional selection in any form, participants should log in directly to the official website www.chopin.com.cn or www.chopin.ac.cn to register.

Q:  What is the required Chinese piece for competition?

A: During the second stage participants need to play a Chinese piece (about 5 minutes), the piece will be commissioned by the organizing committee and will be announced in July 2019.

Q: what's the difference between senior and junior group?

A:  According to the Competition Rules, the birth date of senior group is limited from Oct.19.1992 to Oct.18.2003 and for junior group, Oct.19.2003 to Oct.18.2007, player who below or above the date range will not be accepted.

Q: can the junior age group player sign up for the senior group?

A: yes the junior age group player can sign up for the senior group but the senior age group player can not sign up for the junior group. Each player can only sign up for one group.

Q: If I already uploaded the recording track do I still need to send them by post?

A: yes you need to, the organizing committee need both of the uploaded files and the DVD or flash disk.

Q:  Where can I check if I successfully registered or not?

A:  After filing all the information on website, uploading tracks and paying for the application fee, you will received an email from organizing committee that shows you your application has been completed.

Q:  Does the organizing committee provide the scores of the competition?

A:  Organizing committee does not provide scores, please get it from internet or local music store, and please use the legal scores.

Q:  Does the organizing committee arrange any pre-match training?

A: in the first stage of competition, the organizing committee does not arrange a pre-match training program. Pre-match training organized by any institution or individual are not admitted by the organizing committee.

Q: Other questions about the competition

A: For any further information please contact with organizing committee directly through email:  Pianists@chopin.ac.cn or wechat: BJ-Chopin

This event is authorized or supported by the following institutions and organizations of the Republic of Poland

Beijing 21st Century Sino-Polish Culture & Arts Exchange Center

Beijing, China

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